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We've tried lsof and tcpdump to capture the PID of a process that is attempting to make connections. Any ideas?

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netstat -a -p will not work in hp-ux. The -p argument, is to filter by protocol, UDP, TCP, ICMP.. (view man page). In netstat linux versions is true that show the pid.

lsof not work for you? install lsof from depot,

and run,

# lsof -i -sTCP:LISTEN

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There is no "-p" option for processes in HPUX netstat command. I always have lsof installed on each server for tasks like this.

You can download it from Hpux connect

Once installed, you can easy see wich process is listen in a given port:

lsof -i :portnumber
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It's been a while since I used hpux

Can you run a similar command to

netstat -a -p

to show tcp sockets back to processes?

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