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I have a new domain: which was bought 3 months ago but never used still then.

I've bought a server with Windows 2008 server instaWeb Server (IIS).

I've added a new site in C:\inetpu\wwwroot directory and did the setting (assigned the default ip to host etc -i've did on IIS6 one year ago, so i think i know to set up it correctly)...

The problem is that the default site created by IIS instalation is working, but mine is not. It is started but is says: This link appears to be broken in Chrome and "The webpage cannot be found" (in IE).

Do you know guys what i;ve done wrong?

As i know a domain takes time to propagate but i think locally it should work..

Please help...i've spent 3 hours and cannot find a way...:(

SOLVED: websites must be converted to application not use as static web sites:)

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  • DOES the name propagate? basically use any of the ping tools on the internet or your local one to find out where the domain ends (the ip address).
  • Is the server reachable? As in: not behind NAT etc.?
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Yes, the server ip can be reached from my machine. ...It should at least show me the web site, locally..but it does not. – user22817 Mar 20 '10 at 18:25

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