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I want to change the model of my EC2 hosted service to have a separate sub domain for each tenant (ie. <accountname> My primary DNS is now with, but their dynamic DNS offering seem pretty weak:

  • it requires the API to use my full account credentials, I rather have the API use a limited privilege credential that can only add/remove/modify subdomain records
  • from what I gather it only allows to modify existing records, does not allow me to dynamically add/remove records for new tenant subdomains

My question what are my alternatives? Is there something in the dnsmadeeasy API offering I misunderstood and I should just use them? Is there some other similar DNS service that has a DDNS offering that satisfies my requirements? Or should I just bite the bullet and host my own DNS (my fear is not configuration/learning/know how, my fear is reliability).

If you recommend the latter, can you detail the necessary steps or a link to a good tutorial how to?

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I vote for They have a nice API implemented and in some languages. It seems a good solution for you, matching your needs...


Perl implementation:

Hope that helps.

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