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I am trying to send mail from my java application simply connecting on localhost:25 with empty login and password (I have to state them due to API).

Mail sending is failed then with

2010-03-21 12:20:01 login authenticator failed for localhost []: 535 Incorrect authentication data

On the other hand, when I am sending mail with telnet by:

$ telnet localhost 25
ehlo ...
mail from:...
rcpt to:...

it works perfectly.

Any clues?

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It seems you are using a bad username/password. You are not authenticating with telnet, that's why it works.

To test with a fixed username/password combination, you can add this authenticator (assuming you use PLAIN)

  driver = plaintext
  public_name = PLAIN
  server_prompts = :
  server_condition = \
    ${if and {{eq{$auth2}{username}}{eq{$auth3}{mysecret}}}}
  server_set_id = $auth2

Change username and mysecret to your needs.

Here is the relevant documentation.

To accept from localhost w/o password, add a line like the following to the correct ACL:

accept host = localhost
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But can I somehow setup no authentication when sending from localhost? – Stas Mar 21 '10 at 13:36
Yes, you can setup the correct ACL to accept from localhost w/o authentication. I have edited the answer. – Dan Andreatta Mar 21 '10 at 19:06

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