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I have the following backup objects:

  • Multiple Xen Linux instances running on same box.
  • A few laptops Windows that contain also private data that needs to be stored encrypted

I have this backup media:

  • A disk attached to the Xen box
  • A disk available remotely for off-site backups

I want to do daily-weekly-monthly backups of Xen systems and to back-up laptops in approximately same mode but in push mode (backup initiated by laptop) with encryption.

Any good free solutions?

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  1. pause domU if backing up xen domU
  2. take lvm snapshot of domU's LV (or the LV the images lies on
  3. backup with dirvish over ssh
    • push when backing up a laptop
    • pull via dom0 when backing up xen domUs
  4. save those backup in an encrypted container / partition
  5. make sure the (password-less) keys for ssh+dirvish atre only allowed to run dirvish on the remote side or what ever else is needed (-< post-client-script e.g.)

All should be trivial to implement with cron and a scripting language of your choise ...

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Have you checked "Bacula" ?

rather, see list of backup software free and paid with features here

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I did. It seemed to be quite fine except that it can't really accept push-style backups or work over unreliable links :( – Konrads Mar 22 '10 at 9:51

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