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do anyone know how to alter the mail-from of a postfix mail server?

Example, I have a postfix mail server which sends mail for the domain example.org.

When a linux user, whose account is user.example.org (mapped in postfix/virtual to user@example.org), try to send an email, its mail from is user.example.org@host.example.org.

HELO hostname:  server.hostname.org
Source IP:      one ip here
mail-from:      user.example.org@server.hostname.org


user.example.org instead of just user.

server.hostname.org instead of just example.org.

Desired mail-from: user@example.org.

This is causing me problems with SPF records for example (example.org differs from server.hostname.org)... any idea of what can be the problem?

Thanks in advance, Simon.

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I dont think you can have per user HELO hostname without having a separate instance of postfix for each user.

for info on how to mangle message contents see header_checks(5) manpage http://www.postfix.org/header_checks.5.html

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See address masquerading in the postfix manual.

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