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I'm using phpMyAdmin (PHP & MySQL) and I'm having a lot of trouble linking the tables using foreign keys.

I'm getting negative values for the field countyId (which is the foriegn key). However, it is linking to my other table and cascading fine.

When I go to add data there will be a drop selection for the CountyId and the values will look something like this:

" -1

1- "

Here is my alter statement:

 REFERENCES Counties (CountyId)
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It is not negaitve number, the feature of phpMYAdmin is to show foreign key value and a custom description field next to it. In the referenced table (Counties) you can go to "Relation view" and under the table there is a select box "Choose field to display", in which you choose value that will be displayed next to CountyID value in the referencing table (Baronies). Also see: phpymadminWiki

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I'm using 3.3.2deb1 version and "Choose field to display" doesn't appear.

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