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Can someone recommend me a linux flavor to install an oracle database on? I have no preferences for any flavor.

Is there flavor which is easier than others? Or has less issues?

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Well I believe the only platforms that are officially supported are RHEL, SLES, and OUL. So if you need support from Oracle, you'll need to stick with those distros. If that's not a concern, just pick whatever distro you're most comfortable with.

If I were to recommend one of the supported distros, I'd recommend going with either RHEL or OUL. They're basically identical to each other. For a non-supported distro, I prefer either Debian or CentOS

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Linux Distros for the XE version are here

For 11gR2, they can be found here

If you just want to "Install and Go" on a 64-bit version, then have a look at HJR's GOAL as it will do the grunt work of getting necessary packages etc.

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Well done - I spent a couple minutes trying to locate the above links, but was defeated :) – EEAA Mar 22 '10 at 0:45
Thanks. I will take a look. – JavaRocky Apr 16 '10 at 6:14

In addition to the distros mentioned by @ErikA, you can also use CentOS, which is RHEL-based, minus the RH proprietary extensions. I don't think it's an "officially blessed by Oracle" distro, but I've installed Oracle on it without issue.

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