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Switch model: Netgear FSM7352PS mgmt-ip: Vlan id: 1 (default)

There are couple of hosts in this Vlan: (esxi console), for instance. is the firewall/router interface.

I can ping and from other vlans, say, I can ssh to from

I can't ping from However, I can ping from or from my laptop connected to that vlan ( I can connect to the web GUI from my laptop when I am in that Vlan.

Can anyone shed some light on why I am not able to connect from other vlans?

PS: on the switch, I see this entry in routing table, next hop IP for is; when I connect to, it comes via which is on fw/router.

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Have you setup routing between VLANs on your switch? I don't believe that happens automatically, but I am not too familiar with Netgear switches.

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Anyway, I added a route on the switch, it fixed the problem via – RainDoctor Mar 22 '10 at 23:21

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