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I'm trying to set up custom error pages in tomcat 6, because I don't want the default ones to show up. My error pages are static html, no jsp or anything dynamic.

I know how to do this through the web.xml in each application but I'd prefere to setup the error pages only once for the entire server.

I tried to add the following fragment to the global web.xml (in conf), but no matter what I add under location, it does not show.


What do I need to do to gobally define custom error pages? Thanks!

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Your syntax is correct (and worked fine for me). But you will need a file called 404.html at the root level for every webapp deployed for it to work.

If you do NOT want to do that - there is the little know errorReportValveClass as part of StandardHost in which you can provide your own implementation of a class to handle all the uncaught errors.

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