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I have a virtual machine that constantly hangs in the “Stopping” state.

I’ve red several posts suggesting killing the vmwp.exe process of the machine but I’ve never been able to kill this process neither from the Windows Task Manager nor from an administrative command prompt by using prockill /PID xxxx /F where xxxx was the process ID. The only result that I have is that my machine enters in “Stopping-Critical” state.

Even worse, from that point (having a virtual machine hung at stopping) I am unable to manage (stop or start) any other virtual machine on the same host. The only “solution” in that case for me is to stop the Virtual Machine Management Service (vmms.exe) and to restart the physical host. Without first stopping the vmms.exe service my physical host also hangs during the restart.

Moreover, there is no any error logged in the Event Viewer.

I’ve found some other posts complaining about them problem. On all of them the only suggestion was to kill the vmwp.exe process, which obviously doesn’t work for them too.

Can somebody help us with this, pls?


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