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Just wondering if anyone has experience with the cisco 2911 or 2900 series routers? I understand it is newer and similar to the 2811 but more robust. The price difference is not that much more. I am curious as to why. I am trying to determine if I should go with the 29xx or 28xx series for a medium sized company. ISP load balancing and fail over is required. T1 and ADSL lines already in place.

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I'd be tempted to stick with the 2800 platform. It's older, more robust.. Less likely to be full of new untested bugs. Give the 2900 series a while to get into the mainstream.

I seem to recall that the 29xx have the IOS 15.x software. Also very new. It took a long time before the number of bugs in 12.x became low, and the software became stable.

I wouldn't personally choose software or hardware close to the bleeding-edge for any other production environment, so I don't see why routing should be any different.

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I've gone with the 2811. It will definitely fits our needs and moreso. Thank you for your recommendation. – RSXAdmin Apr 1 '10 at 0:37

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