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system info: i have installed XAMPP on my machine having Window XP OS .

also installed Apache2.2,

now, i have created two folders in C:\xampp\htdocs they are php and perl .

these folder contains programs in their respective languages (ie index.php and respectively)

when i type in browser : http: //localhost:88/php/ the program in index.php gets executed and o/p is displayed in browser

but , when i type: http://localhost:88/perl/ browser displays a blank page

PROBLEM : how to run .pl file in above scenario ?

the code in

print "<html>";
print "<h2>PERL</h2>";
print "this is text";
print "</html>";
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I think you gave us not enough information to properly identify the problem. What is the output of running outside the browser?

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question is edited to give more info. pls check – Dexter Mar 24 '10 at 9:06

In your Apache config look for "DirectoryIndex". You will need to add to the list of files Apache will serve up if none is specified. Reload or restart Apache for the change to take effect.

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this question has programmatic answer point is its not serverfault question instead its stack overflow question

see HERE

you'll know what i mean

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