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I tried using the GNU Emacs download, unzipped it and then clicked on emacs.exe, but got some obscure error.

Then I tried Cygwin emacs, but when I press ctrl x ctrl c to quit emacs it thinks I pressed ctrl x ctrl "g"!!! I checked all the key mapping and they work otherwise in Emacs.

Is there another version of emacs for windows that just works!

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I have used GNU emacs in windows without issues, at least version 22 and 23. Anyway, you can try XEmacs and see if you have better luck.

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I tried XEamcs under cygwin and it works perfectly. thanks! – Zubair Mar 24 '10 at 15:16

Install Vim... or check for a guide

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I personally prefer emacs w32 . has some nice tie-ins with windows, and will also hook into cygwin.

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If you set the environment variable CYGWIN=tty before launching Cygwin (e.g. from Windows' System Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables) your probem will be fixed and you will be able to kill (more?) Cygwin programs with Ctrl-C. However, it will break console IO for some Windows programs under Cygwin (and ability to kill them with Ctrl-C). I haven't found a way to solve both problems simultaneously.

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