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My webserver is running Plesk and part of my site structure goes like this:

/httpdocs (domain root folder, URL:
/subdomains/blog/httpdocs (blog root folder, URL:

I have a WordPress installation in the domain root folder and WP is configured to display a static page when accessing and to display the blog when accessing

However, I want to redirect (using mod_rewrite) all requests from to

A few examples:

Accessing should access Accessing should access
Accessing should access

All this should be transparent to the user, the address shouldn't be changed on the browser's address bar. In better words, I want a URL rewrite and not a URL redirect.

Is this achievable with mod_rewrite? Can anyone help me with the .htaccess? All my attempts on doing so have failed...

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You can of course proxy the requests from to You can find simple examples for a reverse proxy in the documentation for mod_proxy. Just place the directives in an .htaccess file in the document root of or put them into the respective vhost.conf file.

But I really don't see any advantage over just redirecting the clients which you can achieve by simply placing an .htaccess file into the document root of with the content:

RedirectPermanent /
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Because, like I said, I don't want a URL redirect, I want a URL rewrite. – Ricardo Amaral Mar 25 '10 at 10:56

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