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Does anyone know if its possible to install a custom router firmware, such as dd-wrt and then use a central config management tool to push/pull changes? The setup here involves each office having their own router, and as the 'ISP' we need to control/maintain router config. Just wondered if its been done before?

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I have several WRT54GL routers that I have flashed dd-wrt v24-sp2 onto. The majority of the settings on these routers are identical as they are all performing the same functions.

I manage these devices over the WAN link via ssh. I have wrote a script to log into a list of routers via my ssh settings. The script will update each router with a list of nvram settings

for example:

nvram set log_enable=1

nvram set log_dropped=1

nvram set log_rejected=1

nvram set lan_proto=static

nvram set wl_radio=0

nvram commit


You should also be able to perform an NVRAM show and record that information for a backup configuration

Another option with ddwrt might be SNMP if you are familer with that. I have not tried using it with ddwrt devices, but have heard from others that it is supported.

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