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Are there any good online sources to learn exchange with sharepoint quickly. I mean to get the finest overview. BTW I don't know anything about exchange server.

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@sam sorry not to mention with Sharepoint. I am not sure how big is the exchange server subject. – indyvoyage Mar 25 '10 at 11:00

There are a hug amount of resources available on Exchange, it depends what you want to learn. However some of the best resources include:

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I tried that route and ended up having to dig myself out of a sizeable mess resulting from a lack of understanding about how Exchange stores data. Internet self-teaching has the benefit of being free. It lacks completeness. I'd highly recommend picking up a book or two if you just want the essentials relatively quickly.

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I think you are right. Same happened to me with DNS things. I was absolutely confused by all the information on the net. – indyvoyage Mar 27 '10 at 0:08
all the same info is out there, but lately the time it takes to identify and organize it is in too short of a supply... – Kara Marfia Mar 27 '10 at 22:33

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