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How can I grep out a particular line from a file in a folder.

Basically I have a folder /my/cool/folder/myfile.txt

I know it has line: I am cool lkasjdfaksldfj

How can I grep on that file so the line starting with I am cool .... shows on the terminal?

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$ grep "^I am cool lkasjdfaksldfj" /my/cool/folder/myfile.txt


$ man grep

It'll do ya good.

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grep "^I am cool lkasjdfaksldfj" /my/cool/folder/myfile.txt

If you want to search in all files in a folder

grep "^I am cool lkasjdfaksldfj" /my/cool/folder/*

If you want the string to be searched anywhere and not necessarily the beginning of line

grep "I am cool lkasjdfaksldfj" /my/cool/folder/myfile.txt

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$ cat myfile | grep mytext

in order to output to the terminal

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Useless use of cat. – Teddy Mar 26 '10 at 8:41
Why limit yourself to a single process when you can use two?!?! ;) – EEAA Mar 26 '10 at 14:02

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