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I've just followed the simple gitosis install instructions on an Ubuntu server, such as these

On the server I log in as "mark", and into /home/mark/.ssh/ I copied my keyfiles id_rsa and from my laptop.

I used that when initialising the gitosis stuff, and can happily connect locally when logged in as 'mark'.

From my laptop though, where I have the same keys, I can't connect. I just get an error:

git clone git@support:gitosis-admin.git
Initialized empty Git repository in u:/gitosis-admin/.git
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

The server is Ubuntu 9.04, the client is a Win7 laptop with Cygwin and WinSysGit.

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Is your key in the authorized_keys file of the git account on the server? I'd double-check that first. – Kate Ebneter Mar 31 '10 at 7:49
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Internally the git clone is going to be doing ssh git@support, and Git's "remote end hung up unexpectedly" error message usually means that ssh failed to log into the server. So run that ssh command yourself and see what error message you get -- that might enlighten you already. Or if not, add -vvv to get a bunch of debugging output.

(I'm a little confused because your title doesn't match your description -- is there another way you tried that was asking for a password instead of giving the "hung up unexpectedly" error message?)

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Depending on which version of git your running you may have to specify the branch you wish to clone. So it clone git@support:gitosis-admin.git master. Where master is the default.

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