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Platform: most of them are Windows Server 2003, some are CentOS 5

Say if there're many game servers, is there any tools for engineers to easily manage? Below are some requirements.

  1. allow RDP (remote desktop) to servers.
  2. has group/permission setting. Classify by different functionality. So for people has permission to access certain group, they don't need further enter pwd to RDP servers, the tool will automatically log on the server.
  3. log activities: history about who has log on what server.


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For which platform : windows, linux ? BTW cluster != park of game servers ! –  Kami Mar 28 '10 at 9:58

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Tim Rightnour's dsh utility works wonders for managing thousands of servers via SSH with key based authentication. While not a direct solution to your problem, installing cygwin with an SSH daemon on your windows servers would allow you to manage all of your systems from one command line.

dsh can be found at:

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