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I want to embed my network connectivity application into a linux installed rack-mount server and sell it bundled. I googled some but couldn't figured out which it would be?

Do you have any experiences with these types of hardware and recommend some?

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You don't say exactly what the requirements of your application are... You just have to start it off a small storage device and that's it, no need for more disk space? Are you going to do logging?

Dell, IBM, HP all have rack-mount servers, which come with no HDD, just a small 16-64MB internal flash disk, which is typically used to install VMware ESXi Embedded. Maybe you can use one of these servers, if they're not out of your budget.

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If you mean something like an 'appliance' device, then all you need to do is to buy a off-the-shelf 1U/2U rackmount server and load it up with your application. There are several vendors that sell it.

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depending how cpu intensive your app is - maybe some atom rack server? [disclaimer: i never used this server, just read some reviews].

if price is not your concern - i'd go with dell / hp / lenovo 1u rack server and got reasonable support with it to save you trouble. [or you can as well buy spare unit...]

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