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I deployed an ASP.NET web application last night and I when I woke up this morning it was very slow and would occasionally just throw a 'Service Unavailable' error.

I checked the Event Viewer and it was filled up with these errors:

I'm puzzled as it was working perfectly when I deployed it (MonoTorrent is required to retrieve the number of seeders/leechers for a certain torrent off the tracker - this was working fine), but it's no longer working and whenever code that uses MonoTorrent gets involved, the worker process just crashes.

MonoTorrent.dll is in the /bin/ directory.

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Try installing monotorrent to the global assembly cache.

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It doesn't have a strong name, so I can't do that. – anonymous coward Mar 29 '10 at 5:48

Does it crash on the development box as well when you use MonoTorrent? Can you try putting this application in a new Application Pool and see if that works?

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It's already in it's own Application Pool, and no it works perfectly on my dev box. – anonymous coward Mar 29 '10 at 5:46

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