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I have a postfix mail server (on and if I send a mail to I want to check the content of the mail, add some extra info and resend it somewhere else, (sms gateway email or so..)

Is something like that possible with postfix? thanks.

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Check out procmail – Warner Mar 29 '10 at 13:38
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Or you couyld make an alias to a script,

you could put into /etc/alias something like     "|/usr/local/"

and create a script that parses Standard input using: MIME::Parser, Email::Simple and your favourite perl modules... or any other language of your choice... The script could then email the result, call any sms web gateway, etc...

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Yeah, you could do it with Postfix. Essentially you want to put any messages to into a quarantine for processing which would be essentially putting it into the HOLD queue in postfix for processing.

There is probably a better lookup table to use, but, you could test with header_checks postfix file. /etc/postfix/header_checks - You could make this check for TO: and send to HOLD queue (note... there is probably faster/better lookup table for this)

If you read the comments in the header_checks file for HOLD it says...

#               Arrange  for  the  message to be placed on the hold
#               queue, and inspect the next input line.   The  mes-
#               sage  remains  on hold until someone either deletes
#               it or releases it for delivery.
#               Mail that is placed on hold can  be  examined  with
#               the  postcat(1)  command,  and  can be destroyed or
#               released with the postsuper(1) command.
#               Note: use "postsuper -r" to release mail  that  was
#               kept  on  hold for a significant fraction of $maxi-
#               mal_queue_lifetime  or  $bounce_queue_lifetime,  or
#               longer.

Would mean logging in and manually checking the emails in the hold queue by command line, but, pretty much what you want?

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