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if i want to mount remote folders in my mac and use them as a local one, should i use webdav over ftp?

basically, i have read that webdav is better than ftp (old protocol).

does this mean that i should never use ftp and only webdav?

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I'd be inclined to use nfs or samba or afp - a protocol intended for network file shares and remote mounts, rather than ftp which is meant for file transfer.

You might also consider sshfs.

Update: I found today, and that may also be of use in your search.

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how are the above mentioned protocols compared to webdav? – ajsie Apr 5 '10 at 18:02
well, based on the wikipedia article (, WebDAV is a tool that sits on top of http for file editing. So it doesn't run over ftp at all, from what I've read. – warren Apr 6 '10 at 12:14

WebDAV is more favourable, because it is based on http/https. Most private and corporate networks will work without having to change any firewall settings etc.

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The Mac Finder can mount a WebDAV share as a file system and makes a remote WebDAV server appear as a local disk. WebDAV is also designed to be secure over the internet and can use secure (HTTPS) connections.

I recommend installing an easy to use WebDAV server that provides a web based gui for managing users and privileges. Take a look at BarracudaDrive:

The Mac Finder WebDAV tutorial:

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