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How do I find the throughput of a CPU and the hard disk on an OpenSolaris machine? Using mpstat or iostat?

I'm having a hard time identifying the throughput if it is given at all in the commands output. For example, in mpstat there is very little explanation as to what the columns mean.

I've been using the syscl column divided by time interval to find the throughput but to be honest I have no idea what a system call truly is.

I'm trying to to analyze a hardrive and CPU while writing a file to the hardisk and when at rest.

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I think you need to better specify what you mean by CPU throughput. – xenny Aug 4 '10 at 14:14
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To measure disk throughput with iostat, use a command like 'iostat -dxnz 2'

Every 2 seconds (the 2 in the command) this will give you the number of writes and reads/second and the number of kilobytes written and read for every active disk and tape device in a system. Using the %b (percentage of time the device is busy) figure it is possible to make some extrapolations as to the spare I/O capacity a device has, but remember that changing the character of I/O (e.g. moving from pure read to a mixture of reads & writes) will change the apparent I/O performance of a device dramatically.

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Since OpenSolaris (and newer) uses ZFS use zpool iostat -v 2 (rather than just iostat). You'll get the I/O for the pool all the way down to the individual vdevs.

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