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We are looking for portable industrial air conditioners for our server room which whould blow hot air to the ceiling cavity, split-system is not an option.

Something exactly like this would be ideal, but unfortunately not available in AUS:

So we're pretty much looking for competing products to the APC's NetworkAIR PA4000 available in Australia?

We currently have 3 x DeLonghi Pinguino PACT120, but space is limited and getting more of these is probably not ideal.

alt text

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When faced with such a need we contacted the company that services our aircons, who were able to supply a list of sources, including themselves. Give your service company a call. – John Gardeniers Mar 29 '10 at 23:41

Looks like those guys can hire you some serious industrial portable air conditioners suitable for use in server rooms. And they are in Australia:

Those are hiring and selling them (second hand?):

Those are selling:

It looks like you need to call them to find out the prices.

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