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I am building my silent PC. When I say silent PC, I don't mean completely silent but silent enough. I am not willing to go with water-cooling. I am thinking about buying ATI Radeon 4850 but I heard that most of the fans are quite noisy. What fan do you recommend me to purchase for these cards? I plan on replacing the fan that comes with the card.

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I replaced the stock coolers on my two graphics cards about 3 years ago with Zalman VF900-Cu fans and can highly recommend them.

The fans are virtually inaudible when set to low speed but still keep the GPUs cool. Even on high speed, they're MUCH quieter than stock coolers. They're very straightforward to install and can usually be re-used when upgrading cards.

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in before the lock! Don't forget passive cooling –  John Ferguson May 31 '09 at 17:05

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