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I'm looking at the Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio.

I see that a lot of processes indicates that it is a blocking process, by the value of 1 in the Head Blocker column.

Is this normal, or am I potentially dealing with an issue here?

alt text

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No, not normal

The locks causing the blocking will usually be held because of

  • inadvertent open transaction (ie not committed or rolled back)
  • long running transaction/statement (eh a delete taking hours)
  • client command timeout without SET XACT_ABORT

You could KILL the offending spid but this fixes the symptom not the cause

A very useful script to start finding out what is wrong: open transactions with text and plans:

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Yes this is an issue. You have some transaction(s) holding locks longer than you would like, perhaps the holder went out to lunch?

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