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Outlook 2007, Exchange 2003 EE

  1. Meeting Organizer created a meeting. (Some attendees part of domain some not)
  2. Organizer updated meeting with additional attendees and changed time. (Some attendees part of domain some not)
  3. One of the attendees forwarded meeting to someone not on attendee list , that person (not in domain) accepted meeting.
  4. Organizer only sees himself and 3rd party person in Attendee list.


  1. Attendees that have accepted meeting show all attendees in list (excluding 3rd party)
  2. Attendee re-accepted invite and gets added to organizer list
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I've run into this and similar problems. Microsoft PSS usually wants to trace Outlook for affected users for several days. Unfortunately, the end-users are usually execs who refuse to cooperate. – duffbeer703 Mar 31 '10 at 0:24

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