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For example has the following aliases,, (I'm sure it has more than that). Is there a way to list all registered domain aliases for a site/domain name?

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this is almost identical to this question:… – Alnitak Mar 31 '10 at 21:14
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No, they have nothing directly to do with each other other than the same owner.

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Chopper3 is absolutely correct, however you can try a "Registrant Search" and maybe see some of them. The problem there is most services will not give you EVERY registered site if a company has registered 1,000,000 sites. It also depends on the name of the person who it is registered under; if they're not all registered under the same "name" (in Google's case the name is the informative "DNS Admin") so that can change.

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Some Whois lookup sites offer this information as a premium service, but it by no means is a comprehensive list. I think it is based on collecting Whois and DNS data and then grouping it by IP address. Here is a link to a "reverse IP lookup" for the domain, but it will cost you around $15.00 per month to access.

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If you have an IP to start with, apparently Bing can help you.

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