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I'm using ubuntu 8.04 and apache2, for my development I need a wildcard sub domains.

for example If I go to abc.localhost/ it should redirect to localhost/

Can you guys help me out how I can achieve this in ubuntu 8.04.

thank you.

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Well I Configured it after so much RnD I was not able to use /etc/hosts file because I wanted a wildcard subdomain.
- Installed dnsmasq and created a virtual domain
in /etc/dnsmasq.conf file added these lines

  • added as nameserver in resolv.conf

here is my machine and is dns server

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It's perfectly doable, however you need at least one of the following:

  • The ability to add a record into your DNS server.
  • The ability to have your DNS admin to add a record for you.
  • Root on your system.

If it isn't possible to add a record to your existing DNS server, but you have root on your system, then you should:

  1. Install Bind
  2. Configure forwarders to pass unhandled queries onto your existing DNS servers.
  3. Add wildcard entries for your domain to your bind configuration.

Configure Apache to use a default virtual host.

This link should help.

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While you can not do wildcards this way, you might fins simply adding entries to /etc/hosts easier than changing DNS configuration.

For example you could add the following lines:       abc.localhost       def.localhost       ghi.localhost

The OS (and therefore most applications, those that don't try be clever and do their own DNS lookups) will be default use values from /etc/hosts before looking up values using DNS servers.

Apache configuration would be the same, wether you sort the name->address mapping via DNS or via hosts file. Also, with either technique you may need to restart client applications (or force a full refresh in web browsers with Ctrl+F5) after making changes as they may cache hostname->address lookup results for a while.

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