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I have copied the web db directory(/var/lib/mysql/data/web/), when mysql is not running. I transferred this directory to another machine, where mysql is running.

web db's stuff is myisam based.

I am thinking about how to restore this on a different server. The strategy I have on my mind is the following.

  1. copy the data directory of web db to the new server.
  2. on new server, 'create database web', which creates a directory in /var/lib/mysql/data
  3. copy all files from the step to the new directory created in 2.
  4. bounce mysql

My question: how to deal with information_schema for this new db?

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Are you running the same version of mysqld on both servers? Any reason doing a mysqldump isn't an option? – andol Apr 2 '10 at 6:30
800GB database, thats why. Since I have a copy of that directory, i am trying to find an easy way. – RainDoctor Apr 2 '10 at 8:09

on your source machine:

mysqldump -q -u username -p database > database.sql

transfer database.sql to the destination machine and do:

mysql -u username -p database < database.sql
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this is 800GB myisam db. So, I copied the directory of all these tables. sqldump is not an option – RainDoctor Apr 2 '10 at 8:06

information_schema is the information database where the information about all the other databases is kept. It is a built-in virtual database with the sole purpose of providing information about the database system itself. The MySQL server automatically populates the tables in the information_schema.


So if its myisam tables only, you can copy / move database around as long as the mysql versions are same.

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