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I want a third party hosting my main site with PHP, MySQL, etc...

I don't know which DNS records to modify.

Is it possible to have the following mappings: => 3rd party hosting => other 3rd party hosting => Google Mail => Google Docs => Google Sites => Google Sites internal site ...

Right now in TotalDNS, I have www => If I modify only this record to point to the IP provided by the 3rd party hosting, is it going to work ? Do I also need to add NameServers, remove the ones Google added ?

Thx for the help

current setup

A records

@ -->

CNAME records

www -->
docs -->
sites -->

Name servers

@ --> @ -->

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  1. you should remove record www=>
  2. add new www=> to hosting provider

that's it

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plus add a MX entry to point to google's smtp server. – TomTom Apr 5 '10 at 3:49
thx that was easy .... all that was necessary was removing the CNAME record 'www' and insert a new A record 'www' pointing to the IP of my hosting provider. – anakindarth Apr 5 '10 at 19:19

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