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It's either me or this feature doesn't work.

I have a Google Apps account (non-paid) for example.com set up fine and dandy. Among other addresses, there are support@ and employee@.

Now I want to set up Filters such that all mail sent to support@ should be forwarded to employee@. Note that this is not POP3/IMAP forwarding: I really need to do this with filters.

The problem is as such: when an email arrives to support@ it is never ever forwarded to an address within the same domain, but is forwarded perfectly fine to some "outside" address (for instance, forwarding to my personal GMail account works flawlessly).

How do I set up Filters to forward email propely?

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Perhaps they want you to use the Groups feature whereas support@example.com would be a group address with employee@example.com (and whomever else) as a member of that group.


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definitely the best way. –  David Rickman Apr 5 '10 at 15:50

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