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I am trying to use the various tools provided by ec2-ami-tools


ec2-create-snapshot -h 


     -K, --private-key KEY
          Specify KEY as the private key to use. Defaults to the value of the
          EC2_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

     -C, --cert CERT
          Specify CERT as the X509 certificate to use. Defaults to the value 
          of the EC2_CERT environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

-K and -C are two required values, and I cant understand what values are these expecting?

If I create a Keypair from Elasticfox, I get only one file to download and a fingerprint. So which of this need to get where?

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The -C and -K values need the X.509 certficate and private key that you've generated for your EC2 account; there are more details at this link on the AWS site. You can have AWS create these files if you don't have them already, or create new ones (recommended practice is to change your X.509 certificate every 90 days).

To create a new certificate and private key through AWS, go to your account details on the AWS site, click the Security Credentials link and then select the X.509 Certificates tab under Access Credentials.

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