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Guys I'm having some strange search issues' going on with my main portal application. First off let me give you a little back ground on the problem web app.

Our Sharepoint environment was originally set up by a consultant that did not follow best practices. She used one web app to house our companies' intranet site, ssp, and mysites. Since than I have provisioned a new ssp that I have segmented correctly I moved all of our other sites over to the new ssp with out any problems . However, I could not assign the main portal app to the new ssp since the portal app housed the ssp site collection. So I deleted the ssp site collection after that I deleted the ssp and assigned the portal app to my new ssp.

Now this is where the problem starts when I attempt to crawl this application the crawl starts than stops 5 seconds later with a status of success also it reports that 1 item was successfully crawled. The funny thing is the main portal app has nearly 30000 items. I have tracked the problem down to the web app if I create a test web app than restore the content I have no problem crawling all 30000 items. Also all of my other web apps that use the same ssp have no problem completing crawls.

I don't see anything in the ULS logs or server 2003's event viewer. Also I'm using a separate dedicated index server that's configured to crawl itself via host file configuration.

I would like to fix this problem with out having to recreate our main portal site due to the fact that we have several custom code modifications where DLL's were registered to the IIS bin folder also I don't even want to get into the Silverlight mods that were done. Any help with this problem is much appreciated

Same problem as mine:

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@user22215: can you add some detail about the AAMs for the web application, and the search content sources setup in your SSP? – MattB Apr 7 '10 at 14:28

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