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I started getting IPs from ARIN directly, instead of the data center I'm colocated at. Now I have to start applying rdns myself for my clients upon request, instead of having the NOC at the DC do this. That is obvious, since I am in full control over the IP delegation and therefore have nameserver authority.

The question is, how do I "create" ptr / rdns records for my clients?

My current server uses Cpanel / WHM with ns1/ns2.mycompany.com

I also applied those as dns nameservers in the ARIN IP's whois record.

How do I create rdns for my clients? Should I install Cpanel DNS Only on a entirely separate server and use this method instead?


If so, how can I seamlessly transition over the dns records to that new dns server, retaining my ns1/ns2.mycompany.com and their ns1 and ns2 IP addresses?

Even more important: I have to change the ns1/ns2 IPs to the new ones I retrieve from ARIN. How can this be done, avoiding downtime during the dns transition?

On a side note, would it be easier to just install Cpanel DNS Only on a dedicated server and just use dns1.mycompany.com and dns2.mycompany.com with their own dedicated ns1/ns2 IPs from ARIN - and utilize this dns server for customers who request rdns? Would this be a more viable solution than using our current ns1/ns2.mycompany.com Nameservers?

  1. Is Cpanel DNS Only a standalone software that does not require Cpanel/WHM on another server?
  2. Is it possible to have redundant dns servers setup using this software solely, ns1 on one server and ns2 on another?


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I don't have an answer for your question, but you might find you have more success if you accept some of the answers on the questions you've already asked, and upvote the answers that you have found useful. –  Mark Henderson Apr 7 '10 at 2:36
I really don't think cPanel is the right solution for this at all. –  Falcon Momot Jul 2 '13 at 2:47

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You can use bind on a cpanel server for ptr records, but I would not recommend it. A better solution would be using a stand alone dns server such as PowerDns (yes it's free) for handling IN-ADDR records

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