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Can someone explain to me how to easily setup a centos 5 (64bit) dns server?

I want to use this strictly for dns for my clients who require rdns (ptr) for their domains. I do have IP delegation/authority from the data center and allocated IPs directly from ARIN.

I just want to setup a Centos 5 box to use strictly as a dns server, perhaps with redundancy with a secondary, clustered (or not) dns server

Server 1 = dns1.mycompany.com Server 2 = dns2.mycompany.com

Then, I need simply instructions on how to create rdns records for clients upon request, especially in bulk amounts.

Thank you.

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I strongly suggest getting fairly familiar with bind (if that's what you choose). It's well worth the investment to pick up DNS & Bind by O'Reilly if you're going to run a DNS server.

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