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i am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.1. When i use add-remove software in application menu, i think, that i wrongly uninstalled something. so after reboot that menu item missing.

Also i can't use system-install-packages in terminal.

When i double click rpm package it open as archive.

And i specifically open it as software installer by open with other application, it saying error /usr/bin/system-install-packages missing.

Help me to solve this problem ...

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have rpm tell you what package provides that file

  1. which system-install-packages /usr/bin/system-install-packages
  2. rpm -qif /usr/bin/system-install-packages

Name : pirut Relocations: (not relocatable) Version : 1.3.28 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc. Release : 13.el5 Build Date: Wed 19 Mar 2008 03:08:18 PM MDT Install Date: Mon 07 Dec 2009 02:39:48 PM MST Build Host: Group : Applications/System Source RPM: pirut-1.3.28-13.el5.src.rpm Size : 1477554 License: GPL Signature : DSA/SHA1, Fri 25 Apr 2008 11:53:09 AM MDT, Key ID 5326810137017186

Summary : Package Installation, Removal and Update Tools Description : pirut (pronounced "pirate") provides a set of graphical tools for managing software.

  1. yum upgrade pirut or yum install pirut
  2. try it again.
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rpm -qa will tell you what packages are there, and by inference, what is missing.

**rpm -qf**  /usr/bin/system-install-packages

tells me that this fileis in pirut, such as pirut-1.3.28-13.el5.rpm.

You can find the RPM files on your install disks.

Use the rpm -i packagename.rpm command to install them.

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