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A client needs over 15 SSL certificates for various subdomains on 2 machines - an IIS 6 and IIS 7 one. They want to buy 2 wildcard SSLs (1 per box) as it'd be more cost-effective. The question is, though, is that as normally you can only have one IP bound to a single SSL cert, do all these subdomains still have to be on different IPs or can they be on the same one (per box)?

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He needs 1 cert per 2nd level domain. So if he has just subdomains of, then he would only need 1. If he has subdomains of and, then he would need two; and so on.

The same cert can be used on as many servers as he wants (with the aforementioned limitation concerning domains).

For HTTPS, you need 1 IP per content site. So if all the various subdomains are completely different sites, then yes they all need 1 IP each. If some are the same, then they can share an IP.

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SSL cert doesn't contain any IP information, so there no IP checks based on SSl certs for http

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No. They can all be on the same IP address. If they are on different IIS sites, you just need to set up SSL Host Headers:

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