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I briefly browsed the AWS forums but these are not nearly as easy to use and efficient as Stack Exchange derived ones, so here I am... the company I work for has an app on the AWS cloud. In general the app works well. However, since it is new, we haven't had many customers and the ones who signed up are now coming to the point where their subscriptions to our service should be renewed. In comes my question.

When I query the database for payment status of certain subscriptions using the console, I get what I would expect:

Instrument XYZ is on a Monthly subscription (subscription=xxxyyyzz).
The subscription is active with an expiration date of 19 Apr 2010 10:43 Z
The payment token will expire on 1 Dec 2012 12:00 Z
There are xy runs remaining.
The subscription fee of $XX.xx will be charged on 17 Apr 2010 10:43 Z

OK, this is great. According to this, I would expect the next payment to be initiated on 17 Apr. The reason I am asking is because for a different user last month I got this same output but the payment never went through, i.e., was not initiated through Amazon payments. The user didn't see the payment go through and neither did we.

It should be noted that the initial payments were received. The sign up process works and if the user goes to "pay" from within our application, they will be directed to https://payments.amazon.com to make their payment. Any ideas?

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This was not an AWS issue at all, and, in fact, a local service issue. I found the service, started it and things are fine. I have a feeling this question would have never been answered anyway. Thanks, though...

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