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how does one "print" the startup config or running config.

also what is the best way to import config you have stored as a text file?

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Starting conf: #show startup-config

Running conf: #show running-config

If you have it already on the box, it's as easy as: #copy (desired-running-config) running-config

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copy new-config running-config won't actually replace the running-config - it will actually merge the two configs. If you want to completely replace a running configuration, you must copy the new config to startup-config and then reload. – MikeyB Apr 8 '10 at 16:02
Ah, yeah, I knew there was something I was leaving out. Thank you. – bacteriophage Apr 8 '10 at 18:19

I highly recommend you to create a TFTP server, especially if you are experimenting a lot. You can copy much easier from the router to the server and the other way around. Once you have the TFTP server, you can just:

router#copy tftp://new-config running-config
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