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We receive service requests via a particular email. The request is then forwarded to other addresses, using an entry in virtual_alias_maps. Upon seeing the word "EMERGENCY" in the subject line of a request to this email, I would also like to forward this to another address (an alias of our administrator's SMS email addresses).

I think I can accomplish this with header checks and the REDIRECT command. However, REDIRECT only sends it to the redirected address, not the forwarded addresses. In the case of "EMERGENCY" I would like it to go to the redirect address and the original forwarded addresses.

I am fairly new to Postfix and I feel like I am missing something here. Any suggestions?

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I'm more of a QMAIL sort of guy but this sounds like a job for procmail. – Warner Apr 8 '10 at 15:46
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Typically, Postfix won't act upon the message contents without outside help, it acts on the envelope information. Things like the Subject belong to the message contents.

I think the easiest way to manage such things is to include an extra email address to the ones already receiving, which is actually a forward to a script (you can do that in /etc/aliases by prefixing the destination with a pipe symbol, read man aliases) that performs your requested tests on its standard input (the message contents) and acts accordingly.

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this can be done by:

a.) add a new smtpd listener to setting the -o always_bcc option to the address you want and have this new smtpd process listen on some port like 10027; create a second smtpd listener on 10028 - set options in this smtpd instance for delivery to final destinations as you would a standard smtpd instance. See for more info

b.) in your header check, use the filter action and send any matching subject to filter inet:

alternately, you could install an additional postfix instance and route messages to that via step a as well ... many different ways to do this.

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