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Someone wants the zone files , registry keys for the domain name. I don't know how i can get all that information Can anyone guide me the command to execute to get that


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zone files are moved via a Zone Transfer; this is accomplished in different ways depending on whether you're hosting your own zone in your own DNS server or whether you're just talking about sending the DNS records in place to someone (I'm guessing it's the latter).

Not sure what you mean by "registry keys" -- are you just wanting to transfer a domain to another registrar? You need to make sure it's not locked and you'll likely need to get/provide the EPP key to authorize the transfer.

As for WHM on a shared host (like Host Gator), the best you can do is "Edit DNS Zone" and then CTRL-A/CTRL-C and paste it in a text file and email it to them I guess; there's no real export function.

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In cPanel/WHM backups you can find the zone files in the dnszones directory.

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Just an addition, the DNS zone files are placed in /var/named directory and its configuration file is placed in /etc with the name named.conf, so you need to download the following:

/var/named # Directory containgin zone files
/etc/named.conf # Configuration file of Nameservice

You must have root Access of your server through SSH.

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