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We have a file server in our LAN. Windows 2003 Server. It was not included into our domain. Every user has local account on that server, and NTFS permissions are granted to those local accounts.

Now we have established a domain controller. Every user has got a domain account. How to include file server into domain so that the permissions would transfer from local accounts to domain accounts? Is it possible to automate this process somehow?

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The only way to achieve what you want to do is through scripting. One way is to export the permissions to text file(s) using srvcheck.exe. Then, using search and replace, change the details as required. Finally import the new permissions back in using SetACL.exe. This kind of thing is not for the feint of heart and has considerable room for error.

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+1 ...but if done properly it would save considerable time doing it all manually, even with having to go back and fix the one-offs. – gWaldo Sep 9 '10 at 18:50

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