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I need to config one SMTP server (sendmail) to send mail with 2 interfaces with different ip's depending server.

For example: In same machine with to ip: and i need to send email by and by

I don't now if i can configure it on sendmail, or use iptables, some idea ?


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What is this requirement for? Sending mail offsite won't matter from the SMTP's point of view. Perhaps, can you explain what you are ultimately trying to accomplish? – Nathan Adams Apr 9 '10 at 12:30
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Most probably you want something different (sorry to tell you that). But if you really want to send mail over different interfaces/routes you have to have these two interfaces in two different networks, which should each have a router. Look at your OS' manpage for the route command, the /etc/hosts and /etc/networks files and possibly, how to setup your NICs. Set a static route for the non-default network. This non-default network must of course reach

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I found some help about this, but not say nothing to send mails with diferents ip's or interfaces, using virtusertable.

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You can find information on how to do this using exim at The option you're looking for is "interface"

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