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What is the solution of 503 error (Service Unavailable) in a Jetty server. I am using jetty with the eclipse IDE besides the GWT as front end tool.

At the same time my one module is running good, but when I try to run my second module which is error free, I get the error 503 service unavailable.

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I don´t know much about jetty but while informing me about it (what it is and what it does) I found this in a wiki:

If jetty fails to show the expected pages when you try to login, and gives a 404 or 503 error, this can be caused by an error in one of the configuration files, especially etc/snmp-graph.properties. The place to look is logs/daemon/output.log.

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You've got an error in


Probably you forgot delete the servlets.

(It works for me. - If don't work, set in Run Configuration -> Server and Run Configuration -> GWT "Automatically select an unused port")

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