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We recently purchased EMCO Remote Installer to deploy MSI packages we're creating. We are still (unfortunately) in an NT4 domain, and when I try to deploy a package using domain's administrator credentials I'm getting "access denied". Under the "requirements for remote computers" section on the EMCO website (, it says that it requires remote machines to have:

* Started services: Computer Browser, Remote Registry
* File and Printer sharing enabled
* Windows Installer 3.1
* TCP ports opened: 135, 139, 445
* UDP ports opened: 137, 138

Is there any way of scripting these changes? If so, could someone get me started? I have about 200 machines I need to get this working with.

Thanks for all your help!!

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At first glance, I'm going to say that you're up a creek. I didn't think that MSI technology can run on NT 4.0, and looking at the system requirements for Windows Installer 3.1, it looks like it can't be installed on anything older than Win2k.

Actually, you're up a creek to begin with. The system requirements (that you link to in your post) start at Win2k anyway. This product won't work against NT 4 systems. Sorry man. You could try packaging using a different product that actually supports NT 4.

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