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I'm interested in how I could remotely control FTP and file management on my Linux VPS with a GUI. I frequently transfer sites to my VPS for testing, and I'd much rather do it directly on the high bandwidth connection instead of my 10down, 2up Comcrap cable.

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If your system has an X server (Linux already has one; OS X has one on the install disk; Windows uses Cygwin/X) then you can do X forwarding over SSH so that you can run something like gFTP or FileZilla on the remote system.

If you're not terribly married to using the GUI (or can't be arsed to install an X server) then you can use Midnight Commander over SSH instead.

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Since you are running a VPS, you are likely not running X-Windows by default. On Debian, installing the freenx-server package will install X-Windows and provide you with a secure way to connect to the remote GUI. After that, you can use any of the GUI-based FTP clients that @Ignacio mentions.

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