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I'm not very proficient with networks and could use some help.

I've got a Win 7 desktop with XAMPP which acts as my local dev machine. I've configured a virtual host on the desktop which I'm able to access fine. If I'm understanding things correctly, the virtual host uses port 80 (<VirtualHost>).

I've just tried to configure a separate Win XP laptop on the local wireless network to connect to the main desktop for testing purposes. I've added the IP address and virtual host name to my Hosts file on the laptop.

My virtual host is imaginatively named "virtualhost1". When I type this into my laptop browser, it connects correctly to the main desktop and I get the XAMPP welcome screen. But I can't seem to get to the actual site, just the XAMPP welcome screen. It kind of jumps the browser to http://virtualhost1/xampp/.

I think it's a port issue of some sort but I have no idea how to resolve it. I would get the same XAMPP welcome screen on my desktop if I omitted ":80" from the virtual host declaration.

On my main desktop, typing "virtualhost1" to the browser address bar gives me the site correctly, not the XAMPP welcome screen.

Help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Had to change this:


into this:

<VirtualHost *:80>

...and the virtual host could then be found by other networked computers.

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